"I'll admit I wasn't all on board with this Internet thing. I mean, I run a garage and sell auto parts for crying out loud. One of my boys had it in his head to build a website to sell further, but it was going nowhere fast. He mentioned something about needing this thing called SEO. I didn't want to pay the fee, but the boy insisted it'll pay me back in the long run. Turned out he was right."

Derek Taylor
"Time is something I don't have lots of, especially since I'm a single mother with three rowdy kids to handle. I'm too busy caring for them and maintaining my eBay accounts to dedicate time to optimizing my main commerce portal. I worked out a deal with Algoritz: they bring the people in, I bring the products out. Things have worked out well so far, so kudos to Algoritz for a job well done!"
Marcia Green

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